Summertime is here!

Does your skin improve in the summer?
Sunbathing and salty sea water are fabulous for healing acne skin. They dry up the sore, active areas faster and a tan hides the scar tissue. Apply tons of high factor oil-free lotion and enjoy these summer months!

BUT BEWARE : Many acne creams and lotions make the skin super-sensitive to the sun. Wear a big rimmed hat and expose your face to the sun with caution. PROTECT YOUR FACE FROM BURNING!


Anonymous said...

Since I have skin on the fair side,I don't tan great. My skin doesn't burn, it just gets tan unevenly only on my forearms, tops of my feet, and sometimes on my nose. Whenever I go out I always put on sunscreen so I can keep my my skin tone. For me, the beach is a no-no, and I don't stay outside for more than an hour during the day, without sunscreen on.

Eleanor Elisabeth said...

I know they say the sun dries out your pimples, but, I'm afraid that's not true. The sun makes your face more oily and you are more prone to getting break outs. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR SKIN WITH SUNSCREEN BEFORE GOING OUTSIDE.