Homemade lotions?

I've spent many hours concocting marvelous mixtures to lovingly apply to my face and hope for a miracle! I found anything with toothpaste as a major ingredient worked the best! Has anyone else ever tried toothpaste? I'd love to hear other stories - please add yours now!


scarlettredmaple said...

I have this book that shows you how to make your own facial masks, scrubs, creams etc. etc. with natural ingredients. I can post them onto my blog for anyone who wants to see.

P.S. I think I'll try the toothpaste idea :)

Isabelle Right said...

That sounds cool. I'll look out for it on your blog! ~Isabelle~

Bella Moritz said...

nah, toothpaste didnt work for me

id love to get some of these homemade recipes for facials and masks, sounds like fun to make.

Anonymous said...

Lemon juice! Takes away the acne AND the post acne hyperpigmentation (aka nasty red marks). Has worked wonders for me!

Anonymous said...

But make sure to dilute the lemon juice with water! And be warned- it burns!

Anonymous said...

aloe vera! tons and tons of aloe vera gel on ur face..its soothing and leaves ur face with a great feeling :) i also notice that it tends to reduce blemishes. And it acts straight away!
Well Im lucky to have quite some in my garden..