It's Christmastime!

I've not been touching my face and doing weekly face masks since Dec 1st in the vain hope of a fresh face for Christmas morning. It's working pretty well so far...


Bronzer Beware!

I've started using a new bronzer product on my cheek bones and noticed that I've started breaking out in this exact area. Has anyone has this happen? Can anyone with oily skin recommend a bronzer that works for them?


Happy Halloween

Wishing a Happy Halloween to all of you who take delight in wearing a mask to a party tonight. I know I will...



Does anybody else scratch at healing spots to make it easier to apply MakeUp onto a smooth surface? I do.


X marks the spot

I'm experiencing the early warning signs of an eruption on my eyebrow line, right between my eyes above my nose. You know the spot. The place I most hate to get a breakout.


A disease without a cure?

I wonder just how big the Acne Prevention business is...Perhaps big and powerful enough to restrict serious development of a real cure?


Give me confidence

MakeUp gives me the confidence to be the best possible me.

Two Faces

I have two faces. Isabelle with MakeUp and Isabelle without. I let very few people see me without my mask.

Reader Recommended 2

Spectro Jel Cleanser

"I use Spectro Jel Cleanser for Problem Skin, it seems to be working for me. It has a sensitive formula, it's free of alcohol, soap and scents."


Lucky Girls

A note to girls with flawless skin : It's not that I hate you, it's just that I envy you. To look beautiful and radiant without a spot of MakeUp must be heaven.


My Cure is My Poison!

I've found Acne products stop working after a while. Often the effectiveness just fades, but sometimes it starts having negative effects...like for me this week. I look like Freddie Kruger!

I used the Clinique Acne Solutions range for about 18 months and been very happy with the results...until now! This week I started having an allergic reaction to the products. My face is swollen and red so I've stopped using it. I'm now on the hunt for a new cure....

Healthy Nails?

This may sound kinda crazy, but I've noticed that when I'm going through an acne flare up, my fingernails are stronger and healthier than usual. Perhaps there is some relationship between them. I dunno, maybe i'm just imagining it! Has anyone else noticed anything similar?


Mirror, mirror...

I look in the mirror way too much. Lamenting my dirty face. I try and remind myself that getting on with my life and looking into the eyes of others gives me a more accurate reflection of myself.



I've woken up with what looks like a heat rash all over my face. And my usual acne cleansing regime is making it sting and worsen. I feel like such a freak. Some girls have all the luck.


Acne Scars

This image creeps me out. Big Time.
The artist calls it "ACNE SCARS" and says "For those poor souls who have fought the battle that is acne."
Click Here to visit his Deviant Art page.


Why is Acne such a social taboo?

Ugly Isabelle

Acne makes me feel ugly. It's OK to walk around with a sunburned face. A black eye or a bruise can even be sexy. They invite sympathy and concern. But Acne is Ugly.

Leave me alone!

I hate it when people say "Oh, you've got a mark on your face. IT'S A SPOT. LEAVE ME ALONE. Makes me feel like such a social reject.

Bad Week!

I'm having one of those impossible weeks, where I feel every pore on my face is oozing and infected. I wish I could opt out of life until this is over!


ACNE branded!

Neutrogena are another company with ACNE written across their bottles! Please somebody hear my pain and stop with the shout-out branding.


Advertsing my Acne!

Why do Clinique acne products come in bottles printed with ACNE SOLUTIONS on them? I cringe when I leave them on display, advertising my most sensitive issue to anyone who uses my bathroom. (Especially friends and potential boyfriends!) Isn't it enough that the Acne range looks nothing like any other Clinique product. I'd pay more for an unbranded bottle.

Reader Recommended!

The new SOFT Collection by Clean & Clear.

"I bought STEAM (the in-shower facial) and it works great! My skin is supersoft now. Use it 1-3 times a week, and you'll see the results. It's like your very own spa treatment at home! Instead of spending $60 for a one time facial at a spa/salon, you can get the in-shower facial that's in the $8-$10 range. Better price on a tight budget."

Reader Question No. 3

Q : Did laser treatment do you any good?

A : In desperation, I saved some money and splashed out on a course of N-Lite Laser Therapy a few years ago. The experience itself was much like going to the Dentist rather than a spa. Each session took about 30 mins as the nurse had to zap each spot individually with the laser pen. I felt a tingling sensation and no discomfort whatsoever.

Overall I was disappointed with the results. I felt I would have achieved the same results from spending an hour with my face exposed to the sun. In my opinion, N-Lite Laser Therapy is best suited to girls with lots of money, who want to clear up occasional blemishes. It's not a practical solution for the rest of us.



It is a Myth that Acne is caused by stress. The ordinary stress of day-to-day living is not an important factor in acne.


Zero Oil

Got shiny patches?
Try Zero Oil by Origins.
Instant matte finish. When everyday hassles like heat, humidity, or stress send already overzealous oil glands into overdrive, skin faces a surplus of shine, looks dingy, feels totally tacky. Nature’s master-mattifiers, including oil-foiling Silicates, astringent Winterbloom, plus calming Chinese Camphor, instantly zero in skin-spoiling oil and blot up greasy shine without overdrying. Creates a smooth, invisible finish that stays matte all day. There are no streaks on cheeks. And forehead, chin and nose show positively no glow.

HOW TO USE: Shake well. Apply under or over makeup.


Travel with Less

Everyone recommends traveling light. Especially with the Airlines charging extra for checked luggage this summer. But if you're like me and have an extensive cleansing regime, consisting of many creams and lotions it can be challenge! I buy mini travel bottles from the grocery store and decant my stuff into them. This is great because traveling with smaller amounts takes up less space and anything less than 100ml makes it into my carry-on. It also gives me peace of mind to know my expensive products are at home in their jars rather than getting damaged in the hold.


I can't today...

Does your acne hold you back from living life to the full? Do you postpone meeting up with friends until your face clears up? Or cancel a date if you wake up with a breakout. I do.

Apple and Honey Mask

Here's a homemade solution that's fun to make and worth a try! One medium size apple, grated. Mix with 5 tablespoons of honey. Gently apple to face and neck, wait 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.


Racer Back

This style of vest seems to cover my back acne and scars the best. I avoid low scooped and v-neck designs.


Brunette's get more Acne?

Actually, yes. Brunettes are more disposed to oily skin and Blondes to drier skin.

Far, far away...

Sometimes it helps me to imagine myself living on a Desert Island. With no mirror for a thousand miles and each day filled with simple tasks of finding food and shelter. Far, far away from our society and its pressures.

Doll Face

I love Blythe dolls. Aren't they super cool? And cute.
CLICK HERE to find out more about them.


Under the influence

Does having Acne have a negative influence on your life?

Gradually remove this influence by not thinking and worrying about it so much. It's easier said than done, but I think it's worth a try.


Love Headbands!

If you don't have a perfect complexion, start wearing headbands or scarfs. They help to draw attention away from your skin, whilst looking boho and chic. They're perfect for pushing your bangs up into as well, keeping greasy strands off your face. Check out lots of cool headbands like this one from MixBaby Design.


Vintage Cure

Look at this vintage advertisement! It reminds me that we should be grateful for the acne related medical discoveries that we benefit from today.


Pole Results : Summer Skin

Does your skin improve in the summer?
60% NO
40% YES

Hate wearing a Bikini?

If you have acne on your back and chest, wearing a bikini top isn't fun. Especially if your friends with perfect skin prance around in Victoria's Secret swimwear. Rashguards from stores like Roxy or Rip Curl could be the answer. They're surfer-cool and look sporty and sexy with bikini bottoms in matching colors. Definitely a look guys dig!


My BBFL can't help

One of the most depressing things about Acne is that it's hard to talk about. It's not really something I like talking to my friends about. Most of them have clear skin and it's an icky subject anyway. How do you fit it in between hot guys and what's on at the movies? They wouldn't understand anyway.

I am the enemy

THE HARD TRUTH : One of my major reasons for a flare up of acne is ME! Scratching, picking and pinching only makes everything worse by spreading the infection to a larger area. It's hard, I know, but try and leave well alone. (Perhaps I'll handcuff myself and see if that helps...!)


Poor Britney

I feel bad for Britney Spears. With all that endless camera attention and a face full of acne. I hate having my photo taken...nevermind by the world's press and with the world's eyes looking at the pictures!

Doll Award No. 5

Angelina Jolie has been put forward to receive a Doll Award by scarlettredmaple who says : "She suffers from spots, moles, and she has a scar on her face. But she is so beautiful!"

Doll Award No. 4

Megan Fox was named the FHM 2008 Sexiest Woman in the World. Even with her Acne. No one is perfect...not even Megan.

MakeUp : Tip No. 9

Does MakeUp that claims to fight acne really work? Can we hide and heal at the same time? The answer is...not really. When small quantities of active ingredients are combined with other chemicals used to create MakeUp the resulting fighting power is greatly diminished. But I guess something is better than nothing. Look for creams containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.


Doll Award No. 3

Johnny Depp gets a Doll Award for his performance as Edward Scissorhands! He reminds us that being different is OK. And scars can be sexy.

MakeUp : Tip No. 8

Whatever you cleansing regime in the morning, put your MakeUp on just before you leave the house. Let the medication in your facial wash and moisturizing creams have time to start working before plastering on the MakeUp.


MakeUp : Tip No. 7

Clean your MakeUp brushes and sponges frequently. Unfortunately they are bacteria magnets! And half of the fight against blemishes is reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria on your skin. Generally, I just wash my applicators with the liquid wash from my skin care regime. But if you want to be really thorough - spray them with isopropyl alcohol after every application as well.

We are not alone

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States.

Burn Relief

I went out mountain biking with friends last week and got sunburnt on my cheeks and nose. Then spent hours in RiteAid trying to find an aftersun lotion that won't aggravate my acne. I chose an Aloe and Tee Tree Oil lotion by Ocean Potion. I've used it for 5 days now and it's healed my burn and my face even seems to have cleared up a bit more than usual. CLICK HERE to link to the Ocean Potion site to buy this product for $5.99.


Spirit Wars

Are girls who get easily fired up and passionate about life likely to get more acne than calm pragmatic ones? I think it's an interesting theory. It makes sense to me that an internal war of emotions could manifest itself externally. Besides, it's a nicer explanation than excessive oil production!

Doll Award No. 2

Rihanna gets a Doll Award today! Simply for having less than prefect skin and still being gorgeous!