Sexy coverups

Acne on the body, usually the back and chest, is unsightly and it makes wearing revealing clothes a problem. But be creative. Fashion experts talk about dressing to emphasize the best parts of your body - and so dress to show off the best parts of your skin too. Choose high neck dresses, racerback tees and sheath style tops that show off your arms. There are a lot of great options out there if you look.


Anonymous said...

i think your so right about this. for a long time i covered up alot more than my friends, but now im just working on finding the clothes that show the best of me!! :]

Ashlee1228 said...

I feel for every girl that is experiencing this, Ive been there and with my experience I had to take extreme medical action to battle my own skin. I was depressed and at a point suicidal, the treatment worked and it possibly saved my life.

please encourage girls to see a dermatologist! it can really change your life!!