Contraceptive pills

Anyone been prescribed a contraceptive pill as a cure?

It has always struck me as strange that a girl goes to a doctor for her acne and leaves the clinic with a drug to prevent pregnancy. Is this really the best option? Or is it just less expensive for the pharmaceuticals to prescribe a very common pill that happens to have a side effect of improving acne in some women. Anyone any thoughts on this subject?


scarlettredmaple said...

No offense, I think using the pill isn't the best option, just saying. And, if there are side effects to the pills, that isn't good..

Winry Rockbell said...

well actually my friend started using it..and she had a lot of improvement.its just that the doctor told her to stop like after 6 months and they started reaccuring again!!

Anonymous said...

It works! I'm on that and it's done wonders for me. Plus I'm not pregnant so it works in that sense too :)