Acne models?

I watched a Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency TV show which featured models with acne for a SensiClear casting. I didn't realize there were so many models with acne! CLICK HERE to watch the episode and start at 3:20 on the timeline!


ModelPotetial said...

I watched that!!
I'm 5ft11... measuring 33-25-34, and I have a great jawline with slightly high cheek bones.. however.. my skin lets me down!
I'm thinkin' is there an ageny out there who accepts acne affected ladies?!
However my face is not that bad... I have mild acne..
What about you??

Natural Acne Remedies said...

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camilynn said...


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Zuzu! said...

I just came across your blog and I think it's wonderful.
I didnt get a chance to read too many past comments but I am wondering if you have discussed accutane?
I had horrible acne from age 10 to 17. After using everything, I finally tried accutane. It was really hard with all the government bans and blood tests but in the end, it saved my life.
Now, my acne is coming back a little but because of accutane, things like proactiv and differin help it a lot more.
I know there are a lot of horror stories about accutane but as a young lady who has fought acne (I am 22 now), I can honestly say it's worth a try.
Especially if you need to model or act!!!

Gaby~ said...

Hey gurl, i just ran into your blog, and I am currently looking into modeling, but i too have acne, but i think you should go with what you have, ive taken loads of treatment and my face isnt as bad as before. I turned down accutain because of all the extreme health risks. Beauty isnt skin deep. =)