Pizza Face!

I am a pretty girl. But get too close and I'm also marked and scarred by acne. When I wear my MakeUp the boys wolf whistle and the cars honk their horns. When I don't, this doesn't happen. In fact I've been called "spotty" and "pizza face" and many other things besides. People can be so cruel. Is it any wonder we girls get up each day and plaster on the concealer?

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scarlettredmaple said...

It's not fair.It seems that if you're a girl with acne, you're judged for it. If you're a guy with acne it seems like a different story. It's like people imagine girls and women wake up to perfect complexions every day. You know how in television shows, commercials, and movies, the girl is wearing makeup before she goes to bed or when she wakes up. And the makeup looks so obvious too! It's so pathetic.