The skin and mind are linked

I want to share one of the blog comments with you. A girl called The Platypus writes: "...the skin and mind are closely linked, if you accept your acne, it will leave more easily." Isn't that profound? In my calmer moments, I think I believe it too.

Have you ever dated a guy with acne?

I did a poll on this blog. The results were 80% said 'Yes, why not.' I am soooooo happy to hear that. :)

Clean Foundation!

I usually never wear foundation because it makes my skin look worse. BUT I have to tell you all about CoverGirl Clean! It's rocking my world. I don't have to use concealer anymore. If feels light as air, but covers my flaws. I put on one coat with my finger tips, let it dry and then apply another to problem areas. Then dust with loose powder. And it's less than $10. Enjoy!