ACNE branded!

Neutrogena are another company with ACNE written across their bottles! Please somebody hear my pain and stop with the shout-out branding.


Advertsing my Acne!

Why do Clinique acne products come in bottles printed with ACNE SOLUTIONS on them? I cringe when I leave them on display, advertising my most sensitive issue to anyone who uses my bathroom. (Especially friends and potential boyfriends!) Isn't it enough that the Acne range looks nothing like any other Clinique product. I'd pay more for an unbranded bottle.

Reader Recommended!

The new SOFT Collection by Clean & Clear.

"I bought STEAM (the in-shower facial) and it works great! My skin is supersoft now. Use it 1-3 times a week, and you'll see the results. It's like your very own spa treatment at home! Instead of spending $60 for a one time facial at a spa/salon, you can get the in-shower facial that's in the $8-$10 range. Better price on a tight budget."

Reader Question No. 3

Q : Did laser treatment do you any good?

A : In desperation, I saved some money and splashed out on a course of N-Lite Laser Therapy a few years ago. The experience itself was much like going to the Dentist rather than a spa. Each session took about 30 mins as the nurse had to zap each spot individually with the laser pen. I felt a tingling sensation and no discomfort whatsoever.

Overall I was disappointed with the results. I felt I would have achieved the same results from spending an hour with my face exposed to the sun. In my opinion, N-Lite Laser Therapy is best suited to girls with lots of money, who want to clear up occasional blemishes. It's not a practical solution for the rest of us.



It is a Myth that Acne is caused by stress. The ordinary stress of day-to-day living is not an important factor in acne.


Zero Oil

Got shiny patches?
Try Zero Oil by Origins.
Instant matte finish. When everyday hassles like heat, humidity, or stress send already overzealous oil glands into overdrive, skin faces a surplus of shine, looks dingy, feels totally tacky. Nature’s master-mattifiers, including oil-foiling Silicates, astringent Winterbloom, plus calming Chinese Camphor, instantly zero in skin-spoiling oil and blot up greasy shine without overdrying. Creates a smooth, invisible finish that stays matte all day. There are no streaks on cheeks. And forehead, chin and nose show positively no glow.

HOW TO USE: Shake well. Apply under or over makeup.


Travel with Less

Everyone recommends traveling light. Especially with the Airlines charging extra for checked luggage this summer. But if you're like me and have an extensive cleansing regime, consisting of many creams and lotions it can be challenge! I buy mini travel bottles from the grocery store and decant my stuff into them. This is great because traveling with smaller amounts takes up less space and anything less than 100ml makes it into my carry-on. It also gives me peace of mind to know my expensive products are at home in their jars rather than getting damaged in the hold.