The skin and mind are linked

I want to share one of the blog comments with you. A girl called The Platypus writes: "...the skin and mind are closely linked, if you accept your acne, it will leave more easily." Isn't that profound? In my calmer moments, I think I believe it too.

Have you ever dated a guy with acne?

I did a poll on this blog. The results were 80% said 'Yes, why not.' I am soooooo happy to hear that. :)

Clean Foundation!

I usually never wear foundation because it makes my skin look worse. BUT I have to tell you all about CoverGirl Clean! It's rocking my world. I don't have to use concealer anymore. If feels light as air, but covers my flaws. I put on one coat with my finger tips, let it dry and then apply another to problem areas. Then dust with loose powder. And it's less than $10. Enjoy!


Proactiv ads suck!

I walked past a Proactiv Ad in the mall last night. It basically said: indecision to choose Proactiv causes acne. How dumb. Just as bad, is this one below, that says guys don't have girlfriends because they have acne. Is that true???! I'm going to start a poll - please vote on the right hand side of the blog. Thanks!


Hidden Corrective Concealer by Hourglass

My fav new Make-Up find!
It's smooth to apply and doesn't cake or fade throughout the day.
Not greasy, covers great : Costly but worth it!
$32 from Sephora

I am beautiful

I am beautiful and I have acne.


The bewitching powers of scent

I believe in using distractions to bewitch people to focus on anything but my acne. Top of the list has to be a great new fragrance. It'll put a spring in your step and make others notice you in a sub-conscious way.

It's really important to spend time finding the right fragrance for you. After hours at the perfume counter I chose Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier. It's youthful and fizzy and different - just like me!!! :)

Go on....treat yourself !

Check and Balances™
Frothy face wash by Origins

I LOVE this stuff! Where have you been all my life?! No face wash makes my face feel so squeaky clean without drying it out. Available at Macy's for $18.50. One tube lasts about 6 months.

When it comes to faces with dry and oily places, it takes a clever cleanser to balance the two. This gentle, frothy face wash carefully does both jobs without canceling each other out.

Doll Award No. 6

I read in a recent interview that Katy Perry wishes she didn't have to wear so much make-up to hide her acne. I'm giving her a doll award for having the balls to say that. It isn't easy to talk about acne...especially to a fashion magazine!


I feel like hiding today

I think I may wear this outfit today. With jeans of course....to make me look less like an evil ninja! No, seriously - I need to find a roll neck sweater to roll up over my face.

Like Mother, NOT like Daughter!

Yesterday my Mom exclaimed : "I just don't know where you got it from!". She was talking about my acne. People say its hereditry, but no one remembers anyone in my family having this curse. I guess I'm the black sheep or something.... :(

Reader Recommended 3

One of my helpful readers recommends Benefit bronzing powder - see photo : Bronzing & Highlighting face powder duo - $28.00. I like using this bronzer because it helps define my face and takes the emphasis away from my lumpy blemishes.

Here are some tips on how to apply it right :

Brush On Bronzing Powder - With a circular motion, lightly coat the brush end with bronzing powder.

Cheekbone : Using a circular motion, start powder application on the cheek apple and brush on bronzing powder back to meet the hairline. (Smile while applying; this brings out the cheek shape for easier application). Reapply to create stronger color intensity and cheekbone shaping.

Jawline : Using a circular motion, apply bronzing powder onto jaw line and brush down below chin. This effect defines the jawbone for a stronger facial profile and defined chin shape.

Nose and Lip : Using the brush side, brush down lightly applying bronzer to each side of the nose and under the lower lip. This effect will thin the nose shape and make the lips appear larger.

And remember LESS is MORE!

Finishing Touch!

Mineral Wear® Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil by Physicians Formula!

This stuff rocks! I found it in RiteAid at the weekend and I love it.
Only $12.95.
Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Oil-free. Dermatologist approved. Non-comedogenic.

Can be worn alone or over make-up to gently absorb shine and minimize the appearance of pores. Flow-through system automatically delivers powder through brush to eliminate mess and contamination.


Screw Me!

OMG! I'm so angry with my acne this week - I'm fantasizing about taking the screwdriver to my face and drilling out my spots! They are so deep and infected. :(


Deeply Frustrated!

Deeply frustrated by my acne, I felt like changing my skin care products. I decided to scrap every product in my regime and start over. I've heard only good things about Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom range and went to Macy*s and sought advice. After a 30 minute consultation with the sales girl I left with the Limited Edition boxed Plantidote Program for $49.50. And so far, so good....


It's Christmastime!

I've not been touching my face and doing weekly face masks since Dec 1st in the vain hope of a fresh face for Christmas morning. It's working pretty well so far...


Bronzer Beware!

I've started using a new bronzer product on my cheek bones and noticed that I've started breaking out in this exact area. Has anyone has this happen? Can anyone with oily skin recommend a bronzer that works for them?


Happy Halloween

Wishing a Happy Halloween to all of you who take delight in wearing a mask to a party tonight. I know I will...



Does anybody else scratch at healing spots to make it easier to apply MakeUp onto a smooth surface? I do.


X marks the spot

I'm experiencing the early warning signs of an eruption on my eyebrow line, right between my eyes above my nose. You know the spot. The place I most hate to get a breakout.


A disease without a cure?

I wonder just how big the Acne Prevention business is...Perhaps big and powerful enough to restrict serious development of a real cure?


Give me confidence

MakeUp gives me the confidence to be the best possible me.

Two Faces

I have two faces. Isabelle with MakeUp and Isabelle without. I let very few people see me without my mask.

Reader Recommended 2

Spectro Jel Cleanser

"I use Spectro Jel Cleanser for Problem Skin, it seems to be working for me. It has a sensitive formula, it's free of alcohol, soap and scents."


Lucky Girls

A note to girls with flawless skin : It's not that I hate you, it's just that I envy you. To look beautiful and radiant without a spot of MakeUp must be heaven.


My Cure is My Poison!

I've found Acne products stop working after a while. Often the effectiveness just fades, but sometimes it starts having negative effects...like for me this week. I look like Freddie Kruger!

I used the Clinique Acne Solutions range for about 18 months and been very happy with the results...until now! This week I started having an allergic reaction to the products. My face is swollen and red so I've stopped using it. I'm now on the hunt for a new cure....

Healthy Nails?

This may sound kinda crazy, but I've noticed that when I'm going through an acne flare up, my fingernails are stronger and healthier than usual. Perhaps there is some relationship between them. I dunno, maybe i'm just imagining it! Has anyone else noticed anything similar?


Mirror, mirror...

I look in the mirror way too much. Lamenting my dirty face. I try and remind myself that getting on with my life and looking into the eyes of others gives me a more accurate reflection of myself.



I've woken up with what looks like a heat rash all over my face. And my usual acne cleansing regime is making it sting and worsen. I feel like such a freak. Some girls have all the luck.


Acne Scars

This image creeps me out. Big Time.
The artist calls it "ACNE SCARS" and says "For those poor souls who have fought the battle that is acne."
Click Here to visit his Deviant Art page.


Why is Acne such a social taboo?

Ugly Isabelle

Acne makes me feel ugly. It's OK to walk around with a sunburned face. A black eye or a bruise can even be sexy. They invite sympathy and concern. But Acne is Ugly.

Leave me alone!

I hate it when people say "Oh, you've got a mark on your face. IT'S A SPOT. LEAVE ME ALONE. Makes me feel like such a social reject.

Bad Week!

I'm having one of those impossible weeks, where I feel every pore on my face is oozing and infected. I wish I could opt out of life until this is over!


ACNE branded!

Neutrogena are another company with ACNE written across their bottles! Please somebody hear my pain and stop with the shout-out branding.


Advertsing my Acne!

Why do Clinique acne products come in bottles printed with ACNE SOLUTIONS on them? I cringe when I leave them on display, advertising my most sensitive issue to anyone who uses my bathroom. (Especially friends and potential boyfriends!) Isn't it enough that the Acne range looks nothing like any other Clinique product. I'd pay more for an unbranded bottle.

Reader Recommended!

The new SOFT Collection by Clean & Clear.

"I bought STEAM (the in-shower facial) and it works great! My skin is supersoft now. Use it 1-3 times a week, and you'll see the results. It's like your very own spa treatment at home! Instead of spending $60 for a one time facial at a spa/salon, you can get the in-shower facial that's in the $8-$10 range. Better price on a tight budget."

Reader Question No. 3

Q : Did laser treatment do you any good?

A : In desperation, I saved some money and splashed out on a course of N-Lite Laser Therapy a few years ago. The experience itself was much like going to the Dentist rather than a spa. Each session took about 30 mins as the nurse had to zap each spot individually with the laser pen. I felt a tingling sensation and no discomfort whatsoever.

Overall I was disappointed with the results. I felt I would have achieved the same results from spending an hour with my face exposed to the sun. In my opinion, N-Lite Laser Therapy is best suited to girls with lots of money, who want to clear up occasional blemishes. It's not a practical solution for the rest of us.



It is a Myth that Acne is caused by stress. The ordinary stress of day-to-day living is not an important factor in acne.


Zero Oil

Got shiny patches?
Try Zero Oil by Origins.
Instant matte finish. When everyday hassles like heat, humidity, or stress send already overzealous oil glands into overdrive, skin faces a surplus of shine, looks dingy, feels totally tacky. Nature’s master-mattifiers, including oil-foiling Silicates, astringent Winterbloom, plus calming Chinese Camphor, instantly zero in skin-spoiling oil and blot up greasy shine without overdrying. Creates a smooth, invisible finish that stays matte all day. There are no streaks on cheeks. And forehead, chin and nose show positively no glow.

HOW TO USE: Shake well. Apply under or over makeup.


Travel with Less

Everyone recommends traveling light. Especially with the Airlines charging extra for checked luggage this summer. But if you're like me and have an extensive cleansing regime, consisting of many creams and lotions it can be challenge! I buy mini travel bottles from the grocery store and decant my stuff into them. This is great because traveling with smaller amounts takes up less space and anything less than 100ml makes it into my carry-on. It also gives me peace of mind to know my expensive products are at home in their jars rather than getting damaged in the hold.


I can't today...

Does your acne hold you back from living life to the full? Do you postpone meeting up with friends until your face clears up? Or cancel a date if you wake up with a breakout. I do.

Apple and Honey Mask

Here's a homemade solution that's fun to make and worth a try! One medium size apple, grated. Mix with 5 tablespoons of honey. Gently apple to face and neck, wait 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.


Racer Back

This style of vest seems to cover my back acne and scars the best. I avoid low scooped and v-neck designs.


Brunette's get more Acne?

Actually, yes. Brunettes are more disposed to oily skin and Blondes to drier skin.

Far, far away...

Sometimes it helps me to imagine myself living on a Desert Island. With no mirror for a thousand miles and each day filled with simple tasks of finding food and shelter. Far, far away from our society and its pressures.

Doll Face

I love Blythe dolls. Aren't they super cool? And cute.
CLICK HERE to find out more about them.