MakeUp : Tip No. 2

You should aim to conceal what you can without looking like a drag queen! Have you ever tried emphasizing you eyes or lips to take the focus away from your skin? Present your face to the world in the most natural looking way possible. Wear just enough concealer to make you feel good about yourself and your inner beauty will shine through. This philosophy has worked well for me and helped me come to terms with those spots that are just too sore or awkward to be covered up anyway.

FACT : Most people don't notice half of what you see in the mirror.

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Anonymous said...

It's weird how other people don't notice half of what we see in the mirror when we look at ourselves. The sucky part is, we are the ones that know it's there, and can't help but feel awkward and self-concious about it. When that happens, sometimes people take note of it.