The skin and mind are linked

I want to share one of the blog comments with you. A girl called The Platypus writes: "...the skin and mind are closely linked, if you accept your acne, it will leave more easily." Isn't that profound? In my calmer moments, I think I believe it too.

Have you ever dated a guy with acne?

I did a poll on this blog. The results were 80% said 'Yes, why not.' I am soooooo happy to hear that. :)

Clean Foundation!

I usually never wear foundation because it makes my skin look worse. BUT I have to tell you all about CoverGirl Clean! It's rocking my world. I don't have to use concealer anymore. If feels light as air, but covers my flaws. I put on one coat with my finger tips, let it dry and then apply another to problem areas. Then dust with loose powder. And it's less than $10. Enjoy!


Proactiv ads suck!

I walked past a Proactiv Ad in the mall last night. It basically said: indecision to choose Proactiv causes acne. How dumb. Just as bad, is this one below, that says guys don't have girlfriends because they have acne. Is that true???! I'm going to start a poll - please vote on the right hand side of the blog. Thanks!