Does anybody else scratch at healing spots to make it easier to apply MakeUp onto a smooth surface? I do.


X marks the spot

I'm experiencing the early warning signs of an eruption on my eyebrow line, right between my eyes above my nose. You know the spot. The place I most hate to get a breakout.


A disease without a cure?

I wonder just how big the Acne Prevention business is...Perhaps big and powerful enough to restrict serious development of a real cure?


Give me confidence

MakeUp gives me the confidence to be the best possible me.

Two Faces

I have two faces. Isabelle with MakeUp and Isabelle without. I let very few people see me without my mask.

Reader Recommended 2

Spectro Jel Cleanser

"I use Spectro Jel Cleanser for Problem Skin, it seems to be working for me. It has a sensitive formula, it's free of alcohol, soap and scents."


Lucky Girls

A note to girls with flawless skin : It's not that I hate you, it's just that I envy you. To look beautiful and radiant without a spot of MakeUp must be heaven.


My Cure is My Poison!

I've found Acne products stop working after a while. Often the effectiveness just fades, but sometimes it starts having negative effects...like for me this week. I look like Freddie Kruger!

I used the Clinique Acne Solutions range for about 18 months and been very happy with the results...until now! This week I started having an allergic reaction to the products. My face is swollen and red so I've stopped using it. I'm now on the hunt for a new cure....

Healthy Nails?

This may sound kinda crazy, but I've noticed that when I'm going through an acne flare up, my fingernails are stronger and healthier than usual. Perhaps there is some relationship between them. I dunno, maybe i'm just imagining it! Has anyone else noticed anything similar?


Mirror, mirror...

I look in the mirror way too much. Lamenting my dirty face. I try and remind myself that getting on with my life and looking into the eyes of others gives me a more accurate reflection of myself.



I've woken up with what looks like a heat rash all over my face. And my usual acne cleansing regime is making it sting and worsen. I feel like such a freak. Some girls have all the luck.


Acne Scars

This image creeps me out. Big Time.
The artist calls it "ACNE SCARS" and says "For those poor souls who have fought the battle that is acne."
Click Here to visit his Deviant Art page.


Why is Acne such a social taboo?

Ugly Isabelle

Acne makes me feel ugly. It's OK to walk around with a sunburned face. A black eye or a bruise can even be sexy. They invite sympathy and concern. But Acne is Ugly.

Leave me alone!

I hate it when people say "Oh, you've got a mark on your face. IT'S A SPOT. LEAVE ME ALONE. Makes me feel like such a social reject.

Bad Week!

I'm having one of those impossible weeks, where I feel every pore on my face is oozing and infected. I wish I could opt out of life until this is over!