Reader Question No. 3

Q : Did laser treatment do you any good?

A : In desperation, I saved some money and splashed out on a course of N-Lite Laser Therapy a few years ago. The experience itself was much like going to the Dentist rather than a spa. Each session took about 30 mins as the nurse had to zap each spot individually with the laser pen. I felt a tingling sensation and no discomfort whatsoever.

Overall I was disappointed with the results. I felt I would have achieved the same results from spending an hour with my face exposed to the sun. In my opinion, N-Lite Laser Therapy is best suited to girls with lots of money, who want to clear up occasional blemishes. It's not a practical solution for the rest of us.

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Make Shift Model said...

I agree. I spent thousands on this treatment in Harley street years ago... I found the whole experience to be one of the most painful, awful things I've ever done to try and improve my acne...
It's a shame that they treat you like dentist patients, if they incorporated a facial and a nice relaxed atmosphere with it, I think it may have been far more beneficial. This did absolutely nothing good for my skin. Not recommended at all!!!
9I love your blog by the way, it's very brave indeed!)