The skin and mind are linked

I want to share one of the blog comments with you. A girl called The Platypus writes: "...the skin and mind are closely linked, if you accept your acne, it will leave more easily." Isn't that profound? In my calmer moments, I think I believe it too.


Miss Krimson said...

:D yoga is awesome.. i think the reason why is because if you relax and let your stress go then you have clearer skin because alot of the times acne is caused by stress!

Jessica said...

Hey. I was reading through ur blog and noticed ur not happy with ur skin. I was like that a few years ago too. Have u ever tried the Dr. Murad product?? That worked great for me when my whole face broke out..i tried almost everything out there..except proactiv. Today..I still break out here and there but not as bad as i once was so i'm still looking for that perfect product to keep the acne away. Dr murad is good u can find it at any sephora..theres usually like a 30 day kit for u to try out and if ur satisfied buy the same kit each month or buy the bigger bottles. Also..maybe u already kno this..but any makeup product or moisturizer make sure u get oil-free because our oily faces tend to already produce enough oil. Wash ur face morning and night with any face wash that has salycilic acid and maybe follow with a toner and always moisturize no matter what with an oil free moisturizer. Make sure u always remove all ur makeup before u actually start the cleansing process at night. in the morning wash again. Hope I helped a little, i kno how aggravating acne can be! = )

Maddi said...

Have you tried beautifulclearface.com

I used to have horrid acne. It worked for myself and my sister. We love it. I am so excited for my senior pics now!!

kumiko mae said...

wow would it work if i accept my flabs?