Hidden Corrective Concealer by Hourglass

My fav new Make-Up find!
It's smooth to apply and doesn't cake or fade throughout the day.
Not greasy, covers great : Costly but worth it!
$32 from Sephora


archimedes said...

Hi Isabelle,

I stumbled across your blog by accident whilst browsing the net.

I know and feel your pain... I have always had bad skin but as an adult it got worse! I've seen a dermatologist for the past 14 years and no matter how many treatments I get, it keeps coming back.

In the end I had a PCOS diagnosis and I started to exercise, reduce my sugar intake etc to make it better... but I still get horrible acne sometimes!

It's not so much the acne - you know - the ugly red bump that doesn't form a whitehead but just becomes an ugly pink scar or pitted hole in the skin - it's always the scarring. I once told my doctor that if all I had was pimples that went away without scarring I couldn't care less!

I'm 34 now and I still have horrible acne. I've been applying stuff on my skin that my dermatologist recommended and I also stick various non-medicated remedies - honey, apple cider vinegar... on it.

All my family has had acne but they all grew out of it! In fact my siblings don't get scarring like me and they still get spots...

I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with it - I know how awful and painful it is and there are days when I don't want to go out at all because I really hate wearing make-up to cover up. I know the feeling of not wanting people to see you without make-up - I have that fear too, when I'm travelling with friends.

And same with guys; I don't talk to guys because I see my acne and I feel very self-conscious. And when I'm at work, I hate it because all my work colleagues have beautiful faces whereas I feel like some freak!

How I wish I could wake up and never have to see a single spot ever again!

I really hope that it goes away for you in time - like with everyone else! It doesn't seem fair that some of us get it and others never worry about it...

Enchanted Little Things said...

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Holy said...

Oh my god, this was something new for me, i wasn't aware of this and being very much skin and health conscious i will take care of it.

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