I feel like hiding today

I think I may wear this outfit today. With jeans of course....to make me look less like an evil ninja! No, seriously - I need to find a roll neck sweater to roll up over my face.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I think your blog is very inspiring. I can completely empathise with you. I am told I am pretty also but I unfortunately am cursed with acne on my back, chest and occasionally on my face since I was 14. I am now 18 and it has cleared up a great deal with the use of Pro Activ and a careful diet (no dairy, olive oil instead of vegetable oil) and I also never use the gorgeous hair products that I would love to be able to use for fear of them clogging up the pores on my back. I have become an expert in the art of clothes concealing my back and long to be able to wear a backless dress. Some day maybe!